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PostHeaderIcon Quickbooks Payment Options and Intuit Headaches

I finally bit the bullet last week and got my merchant account set up. Most of my clients pay by check, but the trends are quickly changing… Intuit made it pretty easy to apply for the merchant account and all of the approvals came through and everything appears to be working just fine.

Great, so the next thing on my to-do list is to get the online billing solutions working. This is great because it will send a payment link with my invoices via email to clients to pay from. Oooohh… if only it were that easy.

As a bookkeeping professional, I am exempt from the monthly fee for this service. The problem? There’s no where to sign up for it. The service is only $15 per month, and well worth it, but in the interest of research, I decided to see how long it would actually take…

It’s now 6:17pm. I’ve called 12 different Intuit telephone numbers, been transferred 28 times (4 of those to India’s tech support people which can’t help me unless I have a technical issue – honestly, I almost had a technical issue when I considered picking up the computer and throwing it out the door). And… no luck. No one over there seems to have a clue how to set this up for me. It’s actually kind of funny. So, “a supervisor is going to call me back”

… I’m holding my breath.

It’s actually an interesting thing for me to watch because Intuit offers these items free to both ProAdvisor professionals and Non-ProAdvisor professionals since they want us to tell our clients and refer them to the programs. Of course, signing up my client will be easy, but they make it so difficult that I wonder if they realize the mistake of lost business they are making. Having easy answers for clients should be closer to the top of their minds than it is.

Anyway, I’m sure it will be worked out, but it was a nice exercise in futility.