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PostHeaderIcon Credit Worthy!

This is not particularly important news, but it is funny. The story was in several different places, but only AP had video.

Man Receives TWO THOUSAND Identical Exxon/Mobil Credit Cards

I agree with him, though, that it is very disturbing that the company cannot seem to explain how this error occurred. More appalling is the fact that they would not take them back and credited him a lousy $100 for his trouble–he spent three hours shredding the darn things!

One Response to “Credit Worthy!”

  • Lanel says:

    I saw the headline about this a couple days ago but didn’t read it — I assumed they’d mailed him individual cards which would be weird but I guess I could explain it in my head. But, two boxes of a thousand cards each? That’s just WEIRD.

    I guess I need to read or watch the news more often. 🙂

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