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PostHeaderIcon Open Office Goes Back to School

In a bold move, computer manufacturer Everex and retail mega-giant WalMart have combined forces to put an economy PC with full productivity software in the hands of students and small businesses for the low retail price of $299.


OpenOffice, of course.

The retailer–okay, I have to take a moment to say I strenuously object to this company’s employment practices and am trying to avoid using their name again–is pushing the PCs (monitor NOT included) as part of their back-to-school sales campaign.

For the Earth lovers among us, the computer also features an energy efficient VIA C7-D processor. I know absolutely nothing about computer energy efficiency, maybe Tom will chime in here. I can tell you that the E-Commerce News article I read made it sound like a good thing.

One Response to “Open Office Goes Back to School”

  • Tom says:

    Basically, it is a bunch of white wash. Yes, it uses 1/3 the power. But it is also 1/2 the speed of todays processors. Additionally, there are other draw backs: bus speeds that are supported are 1/2 the speed of todays modern computers. The motherboards that are shipped with this chips are completely lacking in many features that are required in todays world (3d video, Networking capabilities, upgradability).

    VIA is selling these as “saving trees”. If you truly want to save trees: buy a used computer. You will save about the same amount of power but you can also feel good that you kept a working computer out of the local landfill!

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