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PostHeaderIcon The Paperclip Rebellion…

I have someone I work with on a very regular basis and we have a running joke because someone once insisted that she send back all of the paperclips they sent to her on some documents. It’s like some weird twisted joke we have going on… when she last sent me some stuff, she put a note telling me she wanted hers back (haha). So, you know what I did right? I kept the envelope, the paperclips AND the rubber band she used and carefully packaged them back up and mailed the little suckers back to her…

I got this in my email… I laughed so hard I cried…


Dear Candy,

Thank GOD you sent those paperclips back to me. I have been unable to work without them and it has really hindered my work efficiency to not have junior, elsa, carlos and all the other little guys back on my desk.

I do however see that little Penelope did not make it back to me – was this because she was a favorite of yours? I know that she is really irresistible being pink and all but I do miss her so please send her on her way home.

Now that most of my paperclips are back home, hopefully the staples will quiet down. They have been demanding a pay increase since I have been using their services more and more without the paperclips. They are Union you know and they have incited the tape dispensers to join in with them so I am in a bit of a predicament. The paperclips, who are Italians, are the head honchos around here so I am sure that they will put the staples and tape dispensers back in their place.

Shhhh I need to go the binder clips are starting to revolt as they got used to being in the paperclips holder by themselves and aren’t taking the intrusion kindly.

5 Responses to “The Paperclip Rebellion…”

  • Lanel says:

    OMG, that made my day, err night. Thank you. And, shhh don’t tell…but I saw some really cute paperclips the other day and though of our friend. I was going to get them for her but….now I can’t remember where I saw them.

  • Kylie Short says:


    I actually asked for my paperclips back once. Erm… didn’t think twice about it.

    Love the story tho!

  • Cathy says:

    I always have my deposits and payments all neatly paperclipped in groupings for the drive-up teller. Seriously now, I’m right there, why can’t I get them back? All I ever get is that darn doggie treat for yappy little Butters!

  • Dy says:

    Just make sure you send Penelope home, okay? I don’t want to see you get hurt for paperclip-napping!

  • Angela says:

    HILARIOUS!! Thanks for the laugh!!

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