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PostHeaderIcon Mac vs. PC

I just finished answering an e-mail from a client asking which was better: Mac or PC. The whole of that conversation will be in my next techtip. However, there was one topic that I did not touch upon, and thought I would cover it now.

Virus Protection

So the Mac people would have you believe that Apple computers are immune from viral attacks. This is just not true. The truth of the matter is that 99.9% of virus’ are targeted at Windows operating systems. Seriously, if you were going to spend the time to write software, at which market would you target you product?

Windows: 90%
Linux: 6.5%
Apple: 3.5%

Yes, I think I would go for the Windows computers as well. As have most major software and hardware manufacturers.

So yes, Windows is more susceptible to viral attacks. However, if Apple and Linux get their wishes, soon they will be facing many of the same difficulties facing Windows. Of course, we all know that hackers adapt faster than large corporations.

Which do you think with get to the Mac first: the virus’, or the software to prevent them?

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