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PostHeaderIcon The Paperclip Saga Continues…

If you read The Paperclip Rebellion, you are probably wondering what exactly DID happen to Penelope. Well, to answer your question, I’m going to share the email that went out to my friend.


Dear X,

We apologize for the delay in getting back to you on the status of Penelope. In her “delicate condition” we just could not bear the thought of her going through the hazards of the US Postal Service. You see, shortly after she arrived here, she had a liaison with one of our domestic paperclips name Louie. Louie has been a great help to us through the years, and it took us completely by surprise when Louie suddenly disappeared. It was at this time that Penelope came to us in tears and informed us that she was expecting.

Yes, Penelope was pregnant!

Since this happened while Penelope was in our care, we take full responsibility. We have taken the burden of her medical bills, and those of the child, upon ourselves. We would not even imagine asking you for any sort of compensation. The joy of having Penelope, and now little Claude, in our house has been recompense enough.

To add even more happiness to the tale: Louie has come home! He and Penelope have been through counseling together and have decided to make a go at being a real family. Louie is currently working on Candy’s desk. He recently got a promotion and is in charge of holding our contract to purchase our house together. Penelope is so proud, and little Claude is the spitting image of his Daddy!

So, as you can see, we just cannot see our way to break this new family up. Penelope has applied for citizenship in our household. We hope that you will not hold this against her, as she seemed very happy with your household but has found the love of her life in ours.

Penelope, Louie, and Little Claude send their best!

PS: might want to start thinking about putting in place some immigration restrictions. Penelope has been preaching the glories of your household to many of the other paper clips on Candy’s desk. Looks like we might want to go into the paper clip tourist trade!

PSS: I’m enclosing a picture of Penelope with her new daughter for you.

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