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PostHeaderIcon A pretty cool thing…

There was a recent discussion on a listserv I am on talking about how much personal information we should share with clients, each other, the general public, etc. I try to keep things professional, yes, but I like to think people realize I’m a human too, just not someone that moves numbers around all day *laugh*. I’m also pretty open with my life. If anyone wants to find something out about me, it’s not that hard 😉

Having said that… at the risk of over-sharing, I wanted to share kind of a cool thing that is happening in my life right now. We owned a home several years ago, but it was a money pit and we eventually sold it to get out of it and vowed to never buy a house again. Plus I don’t like fixing stuff when it breaks – I just pick up the phone and call someone. I still do that actually.

Anyway, so we are living in a 4 bedroom home that I just love (see that picture over there? Look at all those bookcases! They are full now of course – about 600 lovely books) and my son absolutely loves his school and we have the best neighbors in the world and we have this amazing backyard. It seemed so silly to move so we had every intention of staying here forever… until the landlord told us he was going to sell it. Talk about panic!

So… we are buying this house. I wasn’t all that thrilled about it to be honest at first given the nightmare that was our first home. But then I realized. Oh my goodness. We are able to BUY A HOUSE. Our income in our business is such that we can afford and the bank approves of us having a mortgage. I realize this is not a big deal for some people, but you know… I think it’s pretty cool. What a measure of success for me. Oh, I still have a lot of places I want to take OffAssist, but this is for sure a major milestone. Tom and I run this business together. It IS our income and we are good at what we do. It feels pretty darn good to know that we are actually making a living doing what we love and doing it ourselves.

Have a great weekend everyone… and thanks for letting me babble 🙂

4 Responses to “A pretty cool thing…”

  • Sally_K says:

    Woohoo, You go girl! Congratulations on being a success and doing what you love!

  • susan says:

    Congratulations on the home ownership decision and on being the VANA Blog of the week! As a beginner VA (in Australia) and wife of a Tom (LOL), I find it totally awesome that you have achieved so much in your business! I have nothing but respect for your progress in the industry. You are an inspiration Candy!
    Susan Gross
    Butterflies Secretarial Solutions

  • Kylie says:

    Hey Candy,

    What an achievement. You and Tom and your team should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Personally I feel that you can reach a point of sharing too much but honey, I love your bookcases. Being virtual it’s harder to connect with people and so my opinion is that we should share a little bit of ourselves.

    Keep up the great work OffAssist!

    Kylie Short
    Tilda Virtual Services

  • Dy says:

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again… You are an absolute inspiration and I am so happy for you!

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