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PostHeaderIcon Surface Computing

I know a lot of people have seen this, but it has recently come into the news once again. What is it? Microsofts latest “super gadget” the Surface Computer.

Surface computing is straight out of science fiction. Remember in the movie “Deja Vu” they had that nifty screen that covered an entire wall? They could walk up to it and interact with it, even multiple people at a time? Well, that is part of the theory behind the surface computer.

Additionally, the surface computer is able to connect to specially designed devices that rest on top of it. What to move pictures from your laptop to your PDA? No problem: draw a circle around the them with your finger, and drag them on over!

Here are a couple of interesting articles that go more indept into the features and benefits Microsoft is promising in their first Surface Computer:

One Response to “Surface Computing”

  • Candy says:

    I’ve been following this, but maybe I don’t quite get it… how is this going to work in the real working world? For instance, doing data entry for bookkeeping, which is what I actually do? Hmmm… you’ll have to explain it to me 😉

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