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    • Candy on Budget Crisis, Red Tape and teenage crushes...
      “@Shawn - Money can apparently buy a LOT of happiness - and it seems to come in the form of pills and smoke-able items. *sigh* (yeah, sure you didn'”
    • Shawn Powers on Budget Crisis, Red Tape and teenage crushes...
      “It always amazes me the number of overdoses and suicides in the celebrity death pool. I mean, I know, "Money can't buy happiness" -- but you'd think ”
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      “Justin - ah, so you keep separate accounts - how much bleeds over though? Do you think people pay attention to DuckDuckBlue? Or just to JustinRyan? Do”
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      “I doubt I have to tell you, but I'm in the "let it all hang out" camp. (Despite vicious rumors of being obsessively private.) My feeling is, I am wh”
    • Candy on Phooey on social media privacy
      “I guess my point is... if an employer is going to delve that deeply into someone's stuff as to look back through their wife's silly twitter account, d”

PostHeaderIcon The Wonderful World of Wikis

Who hasn’t heard of Wikipedia, the giant Internet-based, user-generated encyclopedia?

If you’ve spent any time looking up information at Wikipedia you probably understand how it works. It is a giant interactive forum where anyone can log in and create or edit entries; basically a giant collaborative project.

When was the last time you had to work on a collaborative project? How long did it take just to find a time when everyone could get together? Longer than you wanted it to, probably.

Wikis allow for real-time online collaboration. Many of them include features that allow users to track changes to the collaborative areas, determine who made a change and when, and, if necessary, restore to an earlier version.

The corporate world, home of bloated meeting schedules and frequent lack of productivity on collaborative projects, is coming to see the sense of wikis, according to this recent accountingweb article.

Another great use for wikis is in academics, from junior high to doctoral programs. Some wikis we here at OffAssist like are Google Docs and Spreadsheets and the wiki feature of Backpack found at

Candy says, “One of my corporate clients uses a wiki – I LOVE it – it keeps us all up to date on what’s going on and houses all those pesky questions that people ask over and over and over 🙂 .”

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