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PostHeaderIcon Fighting Taxes – One Dollar at a Time

Really, I just don’t know what to say.

Check out the article for yourself, about Cary Malchow of Muncie, Indiana. In a gesture of protest at rising property taxes, he paid his tax bill, all $12K + of it, in person. In coins and one-dollar bills.

There’s another article here, detailing how his protest cost his county because employees were kept late counting the cash (overtime) while under guard by sheriff’s deputies (security costs) and could not make the nightly deposit (an estimated $1100 lost in interest-for that ONE day!).

Okay, so I can think of lots of things TO say, but I think I’ll hold my tongue. I own a home in one of the most expensive (property tax-wise) places to do so. And I pay those taxes happily in lieu of a state income tax.

It is tempting to start saving change for the IRS, though. Have you SEEN the self-employment tax rate?

Share your thoughts.

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