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PostHeaderIcon Uncle Sam Doesn’t Want You…

…to give him your opinion in exchange for a credit on your tax account. This is apparently the latest phishing scam using the IRS name & logo to try to defraud people, according to accoutingweb.

So, for the record:

A) The IRS does not ever send taxpayers unsolicited emails. That means they will never contact you via email as a first contact–they will only email you after you have been dealing with some matter and authorized them to contact you via email regarding it.

B) If you’re not sure your IRS email is legit, check out their official page on e-mail scams that use their name, found here.

C) If you do get an unsolicited email from the IRS offering you a refund on your credit card as a result of their internal records audit (um, yea, riiight..) and choose not to check it out on the IRS page above, if it is like the one I got this morning, that told me to click on the below address, it is probably not legit.


The words in red ought to send up a red flag, even if they are spelled wrong.

(yes, the end of the link has been cut off and no, it is not clickable, just in case someone cruises by who hasn’t had their coffee yet this morning)

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