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PostHeaderIcon Quickbooks 2008 is here!

With loads of new features, primarily aimed at making life easier for less experienced users and those in service industries, who bill by time rather than product or task, QuickBooks 2008 is now available.

Technically it’s been available directly from Intuit, via their website ( for a week now. That’s still the only way to get it, since it won’t be available in retail stores until next Wednesday, the 10th.

For more info on the new features, consider taking one of Intuit’s update classes. You can find more info on these sessions here.

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  • Anonymous says:

    If you are using Quicken 2008 R2, R3 or R3 and want to convert the data to Quickbooks 2008 you SHOULD NOT BUY Quickbooks 2008 at this time. Intuit has known about a problem that their questionable QA department did not find since early November, as indicated by the following posting of a message in the Quicken Community Forum:

    “You cannot convert Quicken 2008 data to Quickbooks at this time. Quicken 2008 introduced stronger encryption for data files and Quickbooks is not able to read the new file format.
    There is an R3 patch for Quickbooks coming soon that should resolve this issue. “
    The Quickbooks support team informs me that they are aware of the issue but have not idea how long it will take to obtain the encryption API from the Quicken team and put it into the Quickbooks Convert module – although it would seem like something that should be easy it appears that it will take weeks (more – they have already know about this for several weeks) to perform this simple feat! And then QA will have to install Quicken 2008 and actually test to see that this works this time (that is if QA is actually performing the tests they should, which is questionable since if they were this problem would have been found prior to releasing Quicken 2008 R2 or R3

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