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PostHeaderIcon Can you handle the truth?

I was at an online networking group tonight in a chat room and we were looking at each other’s websites. See. People make the big mistake of asking me what I think. Why is that a mistake? Well, because I tell them. Heck, sometimes they don’t even have to ASK and I tell them. It’s hard, you put yourself out there and someone finds fault. I know. I’ve been there. My website is FAR from perfect (my web designer keeps after me to let her change it, but I dunno – I’m one of those people that doesn’t like my cheese moved!)

I’ve had good results overall. Tonight wasn’t too bad. I told a fellow VA that she might want to have her web content looked at – having a professional rewrite my content so it was interesting made a huge impact in my business. She seemed to take it well – after she informed me she was a copywriter! Oh vey! BUT I do have to say that I think writing for business and writing for the web (marketing) is two totally different animals. Heck, blog writing is different in and of itself.

But I’m left wondering… do people REALLY want to know an opinion or do they want to only hear that it’s fabulous? I had one lady really get all bent about it. I had to remind her that it is only an opinion.

Another VA shared that she asked for opinions and there was something obviously wrong with the project she was showing around, but it went through quite a few people before one spoke up. She wished someone had something sooner.

I do believe that, in business, we have to have a thick skin. I consider myself fairly successful in this VA thing, and part of that is that I can “take it”. That’s why, while I will mentor someone now and then, I have to make sure they understand that. It’s not personal, but I am pretty straight forward about stuff.

My point? Don’t ask unless you really really want to know 🙂

Cuz I’ll tell ya! *laugh*

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