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PostHeaderIcon A challenge for you work at home types…

You all know I work at home and I was sitting here today (yeah, on a Sunday) catching up on some paperwork, when I see some squirrels outside. They are out there quite often, and like the birds in the Spring/Summer, I really look forward to them, watching them run up and down the tree, I’ve even caught them playing a couple of times. Or fighting. Well, I’ll pretend they were playing…

Anyway… I wanna see – what do you see at your desk? Just a screen? A pretty picture? What defines your day, what do you see just off to the side of your monitor? Show me!

I managed to grab a few shots today… My monitor sits a foot or so away from a window and the area between the screen and window frame, I can see this beautiful tree – and also when my kids are home from school and playing, I can watch them on the playscape… anyway…

So, here’s one of my little buddies…


You can see on the left the dark area there is actually the edge of the window frame, oops!
squirrel 3

He’s a little out of focus, but at least you can see him up there… he perches there to store his loot and stare around waiting for a blade of grass to move so he can scurry away. Jittery little guys!
squirrel 2

4 Responses to “A challenge for you work at home types…”

  • How cute your little buddies are! I used to live in the midwest and enjoyed watching the squirrels get ready for winter. From my office I watch for an American Kestrel falcon (sparrow hawk) that visits me several times during the day for food. She showed up in April squawking so we fed her some raw meat and she’s been eating off my fingers ever since. It breaks up my day as she shows up about three times a day to eat. I have tons of photos of her and the ducks/swans/Canadian geese on our lake outside our backdoor.

  • Janet says:

    Click to see a picture taken from my office window last February – fortunately we don’t have that much snow right now!

  • Sally_K says:

    I need to take some photos but right outside my window is my driveway and then a fire road between mine and my neighbor’s house. This is a fire road that is never used and totally overgrown with Redwood trees, ivy, all sorts of greenery. It leads up to the trails. I see a lot of deer passing by, squirrels, occasionally skunks, raccoons and opossums. I also see lots of birds and sometimes my neighbor. In the afternoons I see my kids walking up the driveway so I always know when they are home and am ready to greet them at the door.

  • Dy says:

    Appealing workplaces are to be avoided. One wants a room with no view, so imagination can meet memory in the dark.

    –Annie Dillard

    🙂 I look at a bulletin board of current and ongoing projects and my coffeemaker. Which one holds my attention the most depends on the time of day.

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