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PostHeaderIcon A little customer service goes a long way…

Kind of a long one, grab your coffee…

I am sometimes amazed at customer service. I’ve rarely gotten just “okay” service from a company. It’s either excellent or it downright stinks. I was reminded of this last week while on the way to visit a client’s office; I was just getting over being sick and had already pushed it back a day so I was already crazy… and then I ended up stuck on the side of the road on a busy stretch of the interstate with a flat tire. Those that know me well know that I do NOT like my car to not move. It sends me into a near tizzy. Add the 18 wheelers whizzing by at 90 miles per hour and I was gnashing my teeth pretty bad. Luckily we have roadside assistance. I pay Sprint PCS each and every month for both of our phones so that if we break down, they will come deal with it. It doesn’t even matter if we aren’t in OUR car, just as long as we have the phone.

Let me first say that I’ve been with Sprint PCS for forever. Literally. We first got them when we were living in Hawaii, so it’s been over a decade. As a general rule, I love them. They’ve always given us great customer service. Until last week. I realize that the representative for roadside assistance is only trying to do their job and get their form filled out, but – let me ask you, the blogging public – do you know what cross street you are at when you are on a random stretch of interstate in a town you aren’t familiar with? I gave them the last Exit number I saw. But, this guy would not listen that I was on the FREEWAY, there is no cross street. I see nothing but cars and a frontage road. I’m not lying to the guy. Anyway, it took him 10 minutes (and me making up a cross street knowing the tire dude would call me anyway) to actually tell me “okay, now let’s get you entered in and get someone out there”. What? I’ve only had to use this service a few times, but I was very disappointed. I may look at other options.

The ONLY thing that saved Sprint PCS was the guy who came to help. He was honestly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. If you are ever broken down or anything near Georgetown, Texas, let me highly recommend Tip Tow. I was off with my spare and made it to my client’s office only 45 minutes late, not too bad.

I’ll also stop to give a plug to the Georgetown PD. Two of them stopped in the space of the 30 minutes I was there to just make sure someone was coming and see if I was okay. And they were NICE. One was even laughing because I had moved to the passenger’s side and had my seatbelt on (seriously, those big trucks just fly)

My next stop was to find a tire place. I see a Goodyear sign, so Lamb’s Automotive won so I stopped. Again, wonderful service. The gentleman that helped me was nice, told me why I needed 4 new tires and an alignment and even offered to run across the street to get me a bottle of water because their fountain was out of order. Seriously, who does that anymore?

That’s it. I’m moving to Georgetown. Okay, probably not, but…

The bottom line is that what could have been a horrible day dealing with horrible customer service and me with a migraine ended up being saved just by a few people that were willing to smile and be nice. I didn’t even groan when I had to hand over the credit card for the tires. I need to remember that myself; I tend to answer the phone pretty abruptly this time of the year (if I see another W2 I may scream). Maybe I should smile a little more 😉


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  • Sally_K says:

    I’m glad your day turned out okay thanks to some friendly people. You never know what kind of day the person on the other end of the phone is having… thanks for the reminder to smile more when clients call.

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