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I heard about Denny Carlton and his site in the context of another project I was on back in November, checked it out, laughed at the presumptive insanity of some people, and moved on.

His website, “” outlines his philosophy that AdBlocker Plus, a FF add-on that is remarkably effective in blocking unwanted ads, is a violation of his rights as a webmaster. Because he cannot block the ABP and force FF users to view the ads on his site, he has blocked the whole browser. Seriously, I admit it, I tried to visit in FF just to see what would happen and it gave me a splash screen to come back with a different browser.

Apparently this is a hot-button issue for a lot of people. I don’t see why. As one commenter on Information Week’s (2nd) article on Carlton stated, “This guy fails to think about the fact that the people who are choosing to block ads are just the kind of person who aren’t going to click on them anyway.”

True enough in my case. Although I will admit, his protest has had one unintended side-effect I read about over and over. People like me who were unfamiliar with AdBlocker Plus have now downloaded it and added it to their arsenal of web tools.

Just to be mean, I’m going to thumb my nose at Denny Carlton and say you can too, by downloading ABP here.

One Response to “Anti-Fox”

  • Chrystalline says:

    (Outdated, I know, but I just found you)

    Has he forgotten about Symantec’s remarkably effective ad blocking built into their Norton toolset? Blocks most JavaScript ads, if I recall correctly. Recently switched to ZoneAlarm, so I can’t check details.

    Then there’s Peer Guardian, which is an IP level block of ad servers (among other things).

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