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PostHeaderIcon Yahoo! Just Says No

I doubt I was the only one trembling in my boots last week when the word went out that MegaSoft (you know, they really should change their name, they haven’t been “micro” in a looong time) was putting the moves on Yahoo!

Why? Yahoo has history. Way back when I was heading back to work after the birth of my daughter, our house flooded and I needed a web-based email to use in applying for jobs that didn’t have a goofy old bbs handle in the address. I went with Yahoo and, well, EVERYTHING is tied into it since I’ve had it so long. I really don’t want to have to switch, but I will if Microsoft takes over. I do NOT want Bill Gates in my inbox, connected to my groups, filtering my mail, etc. No No No.

I, like most of us at OffAssist, am an open-source fan, but I am not a fanatic and still prefer to do the bulk of my word processing, spreadsheets, and desktop publishing in Microsoft applications because I know how to use them. So, they are not all bad, I’ll grant them that, I just think they are too hungry and there is already too little competition in our modern world.

The MS search engine leaves a lot to be desired, and new media is the way to go, but I’m concerned by Microsoft’s history of ‘free’. As in things only stay free til you’re hooked, like a dealer handing out penny bag samples, then they’ve got you!

Yahoo! You go! Fight back. But in case you lose, I’m off to open a gmail account.

PS – Happy Valentine’s Day y’all!

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