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PostHeaderIcon eBay on Strike!

That’s right. Apparently a number of eBay sellers are planning to go on strike this week, February 18-25, in response to the auction site’s recent policy changes.

eBay has decided to prevent sellers from leaving negative feedback for buyers and has (once again) raised seller fees. Several sellers indicate that if the change sticks they will find new auction sites to do business with.

eBay has pretty high fees for sellers, especially those who use the eBay-owned PayPal system, which results in them paying eBay 3 separate times for each sale, once to list an item, twice when it is sold, and the third time when PayPal takes their cut of the payment. This triple-ding is actually why I stopped using eBay–give me craigslist any day!

For more info on the seller strike check out these articles:
accoutningweb: eBay sellers attack negative feedback ban
Wired Blog: Exasperated eBay Sellers Threaten to Strike
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