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      “Glad you're doing better! All is well with me. Thanks!”
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      “Thanks, Kim! I am doing better, but the recovery is very slow. I'm lucky that my team has totally stepped up and are handling nearly everything these ”
    • Kim Harris on A Note from Candy
      “Hi Candy! Just stopped by to see how you're doing. I hope you're healing well. I'll check back again soon. Meanwhile, I'll take a look at some of y”
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      “Hi, I enjoyed reading this article. In order to stay above all the competition out here, it's very important that a small business excel in their c”
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      “Yes you are very right, all clients are really not comfortable with this….”

PostHeaderIcon I have the coolest clients…

My birthday is this weekend. I’ll be 29 again (shut up, Tom). One of my clients sent me a huge bag of goodies from Austinuts – one of my favorite addictive places – Yum! Oohh… it had those praline pecans I love… It came in a big pretty box, but my daughter confiscated the bow for her stuffed dog and the box “for her party dolls”.

Sometimes, you just don’t ask questions.

Austinuts Bday Gift From Client

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