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PostHeaderIcon Where’s the Money Coming From?

The IRS spent $42 million mailing out letters telling people about this year’s economic stimulus payments (the so-called “pre-bates”) they’ll be sending out later this year.

So, in addition to sending out all kinds of bank later this year that this country doesn’t have and with the government operating so far in the red that they can’t remember what black ink on the books looked like, they spent 42 million EXTRA dollars to mail people letters that are basically just to remind them to file taxes.

And that doesn’t even touch on the cost of the next big packet mailing. Or the cost of actually mailing physical checks to taxpayers throughout the nation. More details about how I’m the only one outraged at how the IRS wastes money here.

In all fairness to the IRS, my husband, who knows all about the primary problems in Florida and Michigan, had no idea that the IRS was giving away money later this year until I mentioned it last night. But then, he doesn’t work for Candy… lol.

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