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      “I guess my point is... if an employer is going to delve that deeply into someone's stuff as to look back through their wife's silly twitter account, d”

PostHeaderIcon Tax Realities in Virtual Worlds

Okay, I confess. A lot of this goes beyond my ability to understand since while I am a virtual assistant, I don’t interact in any of the big virtual worlds.

I tried Second Life and, well, it was slow and kinda boring–if I want a virtual life that can be as tedious as the real thing I’ll play the Sims 😉 I don’t play any MMORPGs, and, even during the brief period when I did, I would never dream of spending real money on virtual stuff, beyond the monthly game fee.

Instead, I refer you to this spiffy article about taxing profits made in virtual worlds. From what I can see, it is mostly aimed at Second Life, since most of the money in the MMORPGs goes to offshore “gold farmers”, but what do I know?

As long as they stick to gaming, we’re good. I am a little leery of the implications of taxing virtual activity since, well, I both work and get paid virtually. I pay income tax and self-employment tax, if they add another tax, well, that would be bad.

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