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PostHeaderIcon Down, Doobie Doo, Down Down

Our servers, that is.

The OffAssist QuickBooks and file servers will be down this weekend, from Friday evening until Monday morning. We will be moving to a new server software during this time. We have done some initial testing and it appears that it will take care of the printing issues some of you are experiencing when using Vista – and in some instances, XP.

Within the next two months we will also be upgrading the QuickBooks version on the server. We’re holding off until we can make sure the new server software is going to work well. We will, of course, let our clients know before we do this.

It should be pretty seamless for you guys, and the changes minimal.

If you have something you need to do, please get it done before Friday afternoon. We will be unable to easily access files during the upgrade.

As always, we appreciate your patience during this upgrade and rest assured that complete backups are kept and will be made once more before the upgrade happens.

If you have problems, please call the tech support line at 512-339-2255 or email

The coffee area is stocked and we will all avoid looking the IT guy directly in the eyes for the next few days *laugh*

PS – I’ve heard he likes brownies, if you want to offer your support 😉

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