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PostHeaderIcon New York Wants More!

I first read about New York’s “Amazon Tax” in April, when it was still waiting to become law. Now that it has, the online retail giant is fighting back.

Check out the first article at Gizmodo. It’s old enough now that it has TONS of interesting reader comments, too.

Then check out the update at Ars Technica.

This is a bad, bad thing. As a service professional providing intangible intellectual property (writing and editing) most of what I do is not subject to Texas sales tax. If I have to worry about New York (or any other state) wanting me to collect taxes on their behalf, well, it’d be bad. Numbers are already not my forte and you’re going to make me keep track of MORE?!?


Just to satisfy my inner conspiracy theorist, does anyone know if there are any major small business accounting software firms based in New York? I am sure widespread adoption of this type of law would be a boon to them!

PS –

Did everyone else out there know that you are supposed to report online purchases to the IRS on your taxes? Dude! Turbo Tax so does not have that in their taxes-for-the-befuddled questionnaire!

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