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PostHeaderIcon Smart Tips for Spending Your Economic Stimulus Check

Even people getting paper checks are starting to see stimulus funds by now, and those with direct deposit have had theirs for a while.

Now, what do you do with it? Me, well, I stimulated the local economy by installing a new water heater since I discovered mine leaking a few days before the check came in. I think the water heater guy enjoyed it more than I did, but at least having the stimulus check (which, yes, I know full well I’ll be paying for next year!) made the unexpected home improvement sting a little less.

For those of you without a pressing need for home repairs, here’s a round up of articles on smart ways to spend–or not spend–your 2008 income tax refund advance 😉

CPAs offer advice on how to spend tax refund at accountingweb. has a top ten list of tips here.

MySuperChargedLife’s awesome economic stimulus round-up can be found here.

Thinking about saving or investing your check instead? Check out the math in this post at My Two Dollars comparing your options.

Here are suggestions on HOW to invest it from Lazy Man & Money.

Then, of course, there are the inevitable scams related to the stimulus checks that you have to watch out for.

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