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PostHeaderIcon Digits and Debt

There are not enough digits to express how far into debt we are as a nation. It’s true!

In 1989, less than 20 years ago, a Manhattan real estate developer put up the National Debt Clock to call attention to what was then a $2.4 trillion debt.

Sadly, he obviously never thought he’d need more digits. The current national debt is up to 10.2 trillion dollars. The dollar sign on the clock was temporarily converted to a “1” to allow for the higher number and the organization that maintains the clock plans to add slots for 2 more digits some time nexty year.

Then the will be able to show us our national debt up to a quadrillion* dollars. Yay. I think it’s safe to say that if it gets that high, we probably won’t be worrying about whether or not the clock is accurate, eh?

Shamelessly re-written from’s article on the same topic

*Who else thinks this sounds like a made-up number?

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