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PostHeaderIcon Do you take a pill every morning? — Helping me and Helping others – Technology at it’s best!

I wasn’t sure what to title this, so you got a mish-mash. Every morning, I have to take a pill. I can’t tell you how many times I forget it. I try to take it with food or milk, but sometimes I’m so busy wrangling the kids out the door or dealing with an early client request or just plain running around like a crazy person that I don’t grab anything to eat/drink… so I have this issue remembering it.

Ah, but see… Shawn, a guy I work with (he’s in MI or somewhere I think – yes, we are virtual) – at Linux Journal has the same problem. His solution is pretty genius actually. He set up a Twitter account and tweets to it once he’s taken his pill for the day. If people see he hasn’t tweeted (that’s twitter-speak for posted), then they will start to bug him about taking it.

Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, so, I can’t remember to take my pill, how the heck am I supposed to remember to remind HIM to take HIS pill, right? So, I decided to piggy back off of his idea…

I added itookmypill (that’s his twitter account) to my devices (I only have like 2 people that come to my phone – I use twhirl for the rest, otherwise the text messages make me crazy). What happens is this… when he takes his pill, it texts me that he did and THAT reminds me to take it. At the same time, if I don’t get a message (he usually takes it by 7:30 central), then it seems to trigger a reminder that “hey, I didn’t get a message from Shawn today” and I remind him.

How awesome is that, folks? Did you follow that? So, basically what happens is that his tweet reminds me. If I don’t see a tweet from him and remember my pill, I can remind him. Or if we both forget, typically someone else will see that he didn’t tweet and someone will remind him that reminds me.

I mean, really, you can’t beat that. THAT is how you make technology work for you, folks!

If you take a morning pill, try it out, you can join twitter and just have that one as someone you follow, add itookmypill to your device list… what a great way to help someone and help yourself at the same time!

Happy Holidays!

One Response to “Do you take a pill every morning? — Helping me and Helping others – Technology at it’s best!”

  • Justin says:

    I do something similar to manage my dosing schedule, using a program intended to prevent repetitive-strain injuries by reminding users to take regular breaks. Normally, it pops up a reminder every X-minutes/hours, and then enforces a break of X-minutes before resetting itself. I changed out the “Time to take a break” elements with “Time to take your meds,” made a few other tweaks, and set it up to remind me every four hours to take a 10-second break (since I’m just using it as a reminder flag, not for actual breaks). I actually run two parallel instances – one to remind me about my regular X-times-a-day meds, and a separate one to remind me about the every-four-hours meds I only take while working. It pops up a reminder window at the specified interval, I click it to start the 10-second countdown just before I reach for my meds, and when I’m done, I click the “Finished” window to reset it for another four hours.

    The really nice thing about it is that it waits for me – if I take my last dose at midnight and then go to bed, it’s going to pop up at 4AM to remind mind, even though I’m asleep. Unlike an alarm, which would just go off and then reset for 8AM, the reminder waits as long as it has to for me to click it, and then resets like usual. That way, it doesn’t matter if I get up at 8AM or 2PM, it will be there to remind me to take my first dose, and then keep the every-four-hours schedule from there. The same goes for the meds I take while working – if I take my regular meds at 8AM, but don’t start work until 10AM, the two will run in separate 4-hour spans, reminding me about my regular meds at noon, and my others at 2PM, and so on. That is probably the most useful feature for me (and the reason I gave up on alarms), because I never know what the day’s schedule is going to look like – I needed something that would adjust as my schedule changed.

    It’s worked wonders for me, I’ve gone from missing several doses each week to not missing any. It would probably be overkill for one or two doses a day (though it certainly could work, set for every 12/24 hours), but for managing a combined 6-12+ doses a day of several different medications, on varying dosage schedules, it’s been absolutely indispensable.

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