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PostHeaderIcon More People Working Remotely. has an interesting article on the rise of “telework”. With the rise in gas prices and many other factors, the number of employees in the United States working remotely rose frome 12.4 million in 2006 to 17.2 million in 2008. While these aren’t all full-time teleworkers, they do all work remotely at least 1 day per month.

For more information and a list of “Key Finding” point your browser to “Telework on the rise as more imployers offer flexible work arrangements.”

PostHeaderIcon Sharing the pie with the competition.

I have a theory about Americans. From the day we are born we are taught to compete:

We are taught to do more than our parents. We are pushed to be the best at sports, academics, or music (or all of the above). We are even taught to strive for more than our siblings.

So it should come as no surprise that in business, we can get nasty with the competition. But it does not have to be that way. Sure, competition is great and healthy. But sometimes, it can get out of hand. After all, if they businesses were both planned well then there should be plenty of room for both!

What I recommend is that you go say “Hello!” to the competition. Open a line of communication. I would give a list of the benefits to you and your business, but The Small Business Idea Generator already has come up with a great list! Check it out at:

5 Reasons to Network with Your Competitors.

PostHeaderIcon Is what you are doing really networking?

“Friend me!”

“Bkkper02 would like to add you to their network.”

“CrazySocialGrl101 was sent you a friend request.”

Do these sound familiar? With the rise of online social networks, the term “Networking” has become nebulous. The time of building your business network through hardwork and lots of hand shaking is a thing of the past…. Or is it?

Susan Solovic wrote an article titled “Does Anyone Know What Networking Really Means Anymore?” for Duct Tape Marketing. In the article she addresses many of the common misconceptions about Networking. Her 3 Rules of Networking are an important read for anyone that wants to expand their business or even just their social network.

PostHeaderIcon How to mess up a good thing.

For those of us in the Virtual Assistant industry, working remotely has become simply a fact of life. But how can other companies learn from our example? There are a few key areas where larger companies get the basics wrong:

1.) They are in too big of a hurry.
2.) They spend too much on technology.
3.) Managers are not trained properly or cannot adapt to the new environment.
4.) Does remote working even make sense for the business?
5.) No testing of the idea.

To look deeper into these failing, take a trip over to and read their news story: Five way to get remote working wrong.

PostHeaderIcon Do you leave your computer on at night?

If you are like me, the first thing you do in the morning is sit down at the computer and check out the news, or your RSS feeds, or hit the Stumble Button a few times. Do you really want to wait 2 or 3 minutes while your computer starts up? If you are still with me, chances are you leave your computer running all night just so that it is ready to go for you in the morning.

Well, here is some food for thought:

Workers in the United States waste $2.8 billion every year by not turning off their PCs.

The good news is hibernate and sleep modes can drastically reduce power consumption while providing a good alternative to leaving the computer on.

You can read more about the effects of leaving your computer on overnight at