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PostHeaderIcon Electronic Recycling

The tech tip in the February newsletter talked about recycling electronics and we’ve heard from a few people who want to know more.  Since OffAssist clients are spread all over the place it didn’t seem fair to just mention Austin or even Texas resources.

With that thought in mind, we’ve compiled a list of handy links for people all over the place (or at least all over the United States) who want to keep electronics out of landfills.

Earth 911 – a lot more info on electronics recycling plus a handy search engine to help you find a recycler in your area

NCER – National Center for Electronics Recycling – In addition to a search engine offering local resources this site also includes lots of useful links and information on relevant U.S. legislation

Greeener Gadgets – Being a gadget lover doesn’t mean you can’t be green, too.  All sorts of info on recycling, an energy use calculator and general info on buying and living green while still loving your electronics.

Best Buy – Information on Best Buy’s e-cycling program. No matter where you bought it (or when, if, like me, you still have one of those old cell phones like Michael Douglas used in Wall Street in your garage!) Details include a long list of what they accept and a spiffy video about what happens to your recycled products.

EPA – The official EPA resource guide for donating and recycling old electronics.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and if you know of a nifty link, please let us know.

As a quick aside, one of the best ways to recycle an old cell phone if it is still in working order is to donate it to a charity. A few near and dear to my heart are:

Cell Phones for Soldiers – Helping to keep the people on the front lines connected to those they left behind.

Secure the Call – Provides 911emergency access phones to seniors and domestic violence victims all over the country so that they always have a way to call for help.

These are my personal faves, but there are lots of options out there if you google “cell phone donation.”

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