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PostHeaderIcon The real secret to success…

I get a few emails per week with people wanting information on how to run a business like mine or how to get started or what’s my biggest tips or a myriad of other questions. I try to answer them, but sometimes I don’t really know what to say. I just saw a need and went and figured out how to do it. Some days are more successful than others, that’s for sure!

It struck me today that I actually DO know the real “secret to success”. It’s under promise and over deliver. So there you have it, people. Just those 5 simple words and you can be hugely successful. 😉 But really, I do think that’s one of those mantras that I try to live by in my business. It’s important for my customers to know, like and trust me, but it’s equally important for them to see real results.

Let me give you an example. My family are complete Kindle addicts. We are a family of readers so everyone has a their own eink version to read daily on. In fact, I realized the other day that we have one of each that are available on Amazon at this point. *laughing* Just kind of happened that way and everyone has their own wants/needs. We also each have our own Kindle Fire tablet. I have owned several Kindles. I buy them as gifts, etc. They are great and really do promote a love of reading. We have had a few problems, but with electronics, you kind of expect to have an issue pop up.

But. I basically buy almost everything that I can from Amazon at this point. Why? Because they have the most amazing customer service EVER and they consistently surprise me by under promising and over delivering! I think that all of us can take a page from their business model.

Over the weekend, my daughter came to me saying that her Fire wasn’t charging. She got it for Christmas last year so it’s not quite a year old. She would plug it in and it would start charging, but then would stop. I looked at it, tried a few different power cords and realized it was probably the plug port on the device itself that was loose or shorting because if you got it to charge and moved it, it would stop. I called Amazon customer service around 11 at night, talked to someone that had a brain and 4 minutes later hung up with the knowledge that a new free replacement would be here on Wednesday. Today is Tuesday and her new Fire is already out for delivery. A full day early. What did this cost them? A few bucks to send it overnight instead of 2 day? But the gain for them is that I’m sitting here singing their praises on my blog and on Facebook and Twitter and any darn where else I can. People, you can’t BUY advertising like that. Seriously.

There are many other examples of Amazon‘s impeccable customer service around the web. My own dealings with them have been amazing. From sending me a whole new case of shampoo simply because I called to let them know that one bottle leaked and the warehouse needed to check on the packaging because it got bumped around too much (I honestly wasn’t expecting anything, just a “sorry, we’ll leave a note, thanks for letting us know”) to replacing my husband’s expensive Kindle DX AFTER IT WAS OUT OF WARRANTY for free simply because it stopped holding a charge more than 15 minutes.

The bottom line is that we all talk about customer service and how to get and retain clients, but I think so many people are missing the point of taking care of your existing clients. Referrals are the absolute best lead you can get. Take care of your current customers and treat them better than well, deliver more than they expect. That’s really how success is won.

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