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… the OffAssist crew will play jump into action!

As many of you know, I was out last year with an emergency neck fusion. A week in the hospital and three months of recovery with a limited work schedule. It was an eye-opening experience and there were SO many things that I was glad that we had set up for cases just such as this and many things we changed so that should it happen again, it would be smoother. While the 3 months recovery from that was really tough, I’m kind of glad it happened. It really allowed me to look back afterwards and realize how great my team really is and how willing they are to step up to the plate. It also made me realize that I may not be as needed in every single daily aspect. Which was good because, at this stage in my business, there’s no way for me to be.

This is why I only had a minor freak out when I found out last month that I will be undergoing a double lumbar fusion on July 31st. I’m not sure if having all this time to prepare was good or bad, to be honest. It definitely gave me time to set everything up for the team and our clients, but also gave me more time to fret over it a bit. The recovery period will be very similar to my neck fusion and this time, because it’s not through the ER and not over a holiday weekend, I’ll only be in the hospital overnight. Yeah, for back surgery. Crazy.

So, I’ll spend the next few months recovering. I have someone checking my email and mail. I have the team ready to handle everything for clients that is coming up. I have someone that can fly in to help me if I need it. I have friends standing by in case I need anything. I have told all of our clients that I’ll be out and prepared my family as much as possible. I just have to finish a few major projects and then focus on recovery.

… now to just stay out of my email and other communications when I’m under heavy medication <blush>…

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