We have a very diverse client list. Those listed here have agreed to be listed and have provided testimonials. Click the links or images to view their thoughts on our services.

Anchor Advisors

Anchor Advisors, a firm of Chicago business strategy consultants, work with business owners with 10 to 100 employees to help them grow their business, move with confidence and make quicker decisions. We help our clients strengthen the four pillars of their business – Purpose, People, Process and Performance Measures – providing them with a firm foundation on which to grow. They have been a client of OffAssist since 2006. Read Anchor Advisors’ Testimonial.

Conflict Connections

Conflict Connections works with small businesses, government agencies, and individuals who want to work more effectively by amicably resolving conflicts, improving communication, and increasing productivity and morale. They have been a client of OffAssist since 2007. Read Conflict Connections’ Testimonial.

Holly McCormick

Not only is Holly McCormick‘s favorite job in Real Estate negotiating on behalf of her buyer and seller clients, so they get the best deal possible, but she also donates part of her commission to cancer research to help find a cure for cancer. She has been a client of OffAssist since 2006. Read Holly McCormick’s Testimonial.


Libra Fitness is not just about breaking a sweat or getting into that size 8 dress for your high school reunion. It’s about living a long, happy, and well-balanced life. It’s about wanting to set the best example you can for your children and grandchildren. It’s about seriously analyzing the long-term consequences of the short-term choices you make and deciding to commit to making a real lifestyle change, one step at a time. They have been a client of OffAssist since 2009. Read Libra Fitness’ Testimonial.

Castle Hill Investments

Castle Hill Investments help investors from across the United States and abroad identify real estate investment opportunities, and provide turnkey solutions to finance, manage, and build wealth through property ownership. They have been a client of OffAssist since 2004. Read Castle Hill Investments’ Testimonial.

Linux Journal

Linux Journal is the original magazine of the global Linux community, delivering readers the advice and inspiration they need to get the most out of their Linux systems. It was started in April of 1994. They have been a client of OffAssist since 2004. Read Linux Journal‘s Full Testimonial.