Outsourcing bookkeeping and secretarial tasks is becoming more popular as businesses learn more about the cost-savings offered, such as:

Reduced Overhead
No Benefits to Pay
No Payroll Taxes
No Vacation or Sick Time

The advantages you gain by using OffAssist:

OffAssist specializes in small to mid-size businesses while providing accurate information in a timely manner
Client-specific customized reports and services
Fast and precise turn-around with a customized system that traditional bookkeeping and clerical systems cannot match
More efficient than a traditional bookkeeping or clerical department

In 2003, Candy began mentoring and partnering with emerging Virtual Assistants to offer even more services to her clients.  If you need something OffAssist cannot provide she is happy to help you find someone that can, or, where possible, work directly with other VAs to offer you a “turnkey solution”.

Small businesses need timely, accurate information without the expense of a full time CPA or an in-house secretary to help them get that information.

Why pay more and waste valuable time you can utilize growing your business when you can get customized reports quickly and accurately for a fraction of the costs with OffAssist?